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I began this project with several ideas, more than what time would permit. I found that through this process of elimination, I was able to see all of the things that it would take for a small classy business to function. There are several elements that I immediately started considering to include. I recognize that a website would opperate, but that time would not. I focused on the essentials. Such as the bag that food would be carried in. Whether or not a small business could afford clear containers with their logo on it was a factor. I chose to focus on the bag, since it is an immediate representation of the restaurant. By its transportation people would ask, by looking at the essence of the design, where it was, if the person enjoyed it, etc.
Then I realized they needed a menu. This menu was key to reintroducing some of the colors from the stationary system, and finally the question of wine verses olive oil. After the critique I realize that olive oil is a more marketable and practical element for this smaller business.

The menu was very different. I pulled some of the color palette in, and chose to work towards a classy feel. I used the visual brief to start my menu by, and struggled with content and layout issues. There seemed to be so much information and some spatial confinement. Once I started applying typographic hierarchy, and condensing information it really came together.

The design really focused on the strengths of my logo, it is classy and simple. From there I took elements from my visual brief to create the logo bottom right on the strong red color. I feel that this is very elegant and beautiful in its minimalism. The tendency for me is to overcomplicate the designs. In my work with the olive oil, I initially focused on the front. When I reworked it, I pulled the pattern into the back of the design. Giving it the same strength and presence that the red does on the front. I kept it simple, and included the basic nutrition facts. Unfortunately I had no access to my original materials or a camera so photobooth and photoshop sufficed. I am extremely proud of the re-working of this material. I went to glass, and used an olive oil more representative of cibo dolce. It is filled with seasoning and pepper. This pulls in not only the color of my company, but also the exoticism.

Packaging design really challenged my ability to view design in three dimensional format. I really had to recognize things such as how large should a bag for food be? Originally, in my design brief, I looked at smaller shopping bags. These bags would not work if an order contained dinner proportions and pastries. I also had to recognize the different applications of the color palette as well as the display of the logo. I varied it on the olive oil by balancing the typography. I feel that this was one of my most successful pieces this year. In a portfolio review I was told it was my best. I recognize there are areas for improvement, but I am satisfied with it.


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